Vlassis G. Rassias was born in Athens on 22. 4. 1959 and graduated the Αthenean University of Econοmics. He was co-founder and contributor of the magazines SPEAKOUT (1979), ANICHTI POLI (Open City, 1980-1993) and DIIPETES (Sent by Zeus, 1991- 2012). On 1981 he founded the Archive of Alternative Culture "The Alternative Gallery" and from 1983 till 1986 he edited the Mail-Art magazine "C' EST DEMAIN..". Since the mid Eighties he focuses on the living, threatened or extinct polytheistic ethnic religions of the globe with special focus on the pre-christian Hellenic Tradition. From 1990 till today he has given nearly 100 lectures, in Greece and abroad, on the hellenic religion, philosophy and ethos. In the summer solstice of 1998 he took part in the founding of The World Congress of Ethnic Religions (WCER) in Vilnius, Lithuania. He has submited numerous articles in greek and foreign magazines and journals and till today he has also written 18 books (16 of them on Ancient Greece) and 2 poetry collections.


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